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Residential real estate offers a diverse investment option, catering to various goals and budgets. By carefully considering the different property types, market conditions, and your investment goals, you can determine if residential real estate is the right choice for you


Commercial real estate can be a good option for investors with a higher risk tolerance, access to significant capital, and a long-term investment horizon. It's also important to have knowledge of the commercial real estate market and property management best practices.

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In the world of property investment, location reigns supreme. The old adage "location, location, location" holds true because a property's address significantly impacts its success.By prioritizing a good location, you lay a strong foundation for your property investment. Remember, you can always renovate or improve a property, but you can't change its address!


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"We are so grateful to have been recommended the services of Surendra Realtor. We were fortunate enough to have had Surender, Surendra Realtor play a role in buying our first home smoothly, professionally and effortlessly. Always contactable and approachable, buying real estate jargon that is not tip of the tongue for most, into a manner that we were able to understand and digest, was super important to us. These guys delivered a great outcome for our first home purchase. Thankyou!"
by Mitul Ishita
Vice President, TCS
Dear Surendra Realtor, We just wanted to thank you Surendra Realtor so much for your help in purchasing the property. You have both really gone out of your way to help and your assistance, patience and time has been greatly appreciated. We will highly recommend your agency to people we know! Thankyou so much!"
by Radhika Aparna
Manager, HDFC Bank
After a 1 year and few months with a lot of real estate company and no purchase we decided to approach Surendra Realtor. Within a day Surendra Realtor had 3 potential property option at the home and within a week “purchased”!! Surendra Realtor local knowledge and client/customer relationship makes her the successful company, we are so glad to of made the move to Surendra Realtor”.
by Rajaram Sukhwinder
Test Engineer, Mahindra & Mahindra

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Whiteland - The Maverick Chronicles

Homegrown Maestro | Ft. Surender Patel

Republic Day Property Carnival

an exclusive unveiling of Ready-To-Move Plots! Each resonated with the electrifying wave of excitement.

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