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Why do we Love Real Estate

Real Estate business as it's name suggests is the passionate and realistic business options. "Why do we love Real Estate?" We will answer this question in the latter part of this article. First of all, People want to enjoy their life in more fascinated manner. They invest their money in different sectors but if they do not have good home or office then its not worthy. Your family needs a good place to live...

The Truth About Real Estate Industry

The Truth About Real Estate Industry

Real Estate Overview Real Estate industry is getting widened day by day. People search for flats, apartments, office day by day. The demand for these properties is never going to die. Real Estate industry provides access to your desires and needs in a very fascinated way. Someone has the dream of building a dream house but there should be someone to fulfill the dream also. Real Estate agents have wide...

Renting or Selling - Surendra Realtor

Renting or selling your house -which one is better?

If you are the owner of a house and due to some reason you don’t need to live in it, then you have this dilemma that what should be the next best step. Many property owners often get stuck in a situation where they are unable to decide which option is better- renting or selling their property. Well, there is no perfect answer to this question. This is because both renting and selling have their own pros...

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Marketing Strategies for Real Estate business

Real Estate Business has bright future. If you carry your real estate business wisely then it can give you awesome returns. Alike other businesses in the real estate business also you have to keep a close eye on the market. You have to be aware of the changes in the business trends and adapt accordingly. The marketing strategies for real estate business needs to be well-planned. Here are some tips which...


Best Real estate in Gurugram

Actually, Real Estate is not just about giving places for people to stay, but about making them feel at home. This is the policy that Surendra Realtor follows. We are one of the best real estate companies in Gurugram and have experience in working in Delhi NCR for a couple of years. Our mission is to provide all sorts of quality properties and see smiles on our clients’ faces. Quality and trust are very...


Precautions one should take before purchasing property

In real estate business, one should take some precautions before purchasing any kind of property. Investment in property involves huge money.  Instead of regretting later take care of all the matters in the initial stage only. List of precautions before purchasing a property- Ensure legal soundness of the property. In real estate we have heard many cases where people get caught in trap of fake...

what customer searches before buying a property

What customer searches before buying a property???

Buying a property is an important decision in anyone’s life. Since a huge amount of money is involved in the form of investment, customers want to ensure that they get the best deal. In this blog, we are taking up the customer's point of view to find what customer searches before buying a property. Therefore, following is the list of things which customer searches before buying a property- Location-...

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How to beat your competitors in the real estate business?

Real Business in past used to be the choice or forte of few people. But with changing trends it has become one of the favourite businesses in our country. The reason behind it is a good profit margin and a considerably large amount of money involved. So, now the question arises how to beat your competitors in the real estate business?   No doubt in the real estate industry, if you are able to survive...

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