Renting or selling your house -which one is better?

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If you are the owner of a house and due to some reason you don’t need to live in it, then you have this dilemma that what should be the next best step. Many property owners often get stuck in a situation where they are unable to decide which option is better- renting or selling their property. Well, there is no perfect answer to this question. This is because both renting and selling have their own pros and cons.

The important thing is the owner should properly analyze his position and requirements before taking any decision. Because the decision once taken will impact many other things. So it is better to deeply think about the advantages and disadvantages of both renting and selling. And also gauging one’s needs and then taking the correct decision.


Selling a house is not an easy decision. The value of housing property is very high in the current scenario. So, selling your house can fetch you good returns. Selling can be a good option if you are relocating to another place and there are least chances of returning to the place. The returns you will get from selling will help you to buy the property at the new place you are relocating. Selling out your house will also keep you away from the hassle of taking care of your house and dealing with the tenants. If you need the lump sum amount at a time from your property then selling is the best option.


Renting can be considered a good option for your house if you want to continue with the ownership and authority of your property. Moreover, if you prefer a consistent source of income then you can go with renting. If the chances are that the valuation of your property is going to increase in the future, then waiting for the appropriate time to sell is better. Meanwhile renting is the best alternative.

So, it’s not that one is good and another is not. It is all about weighing your needs and choices. Then going with what is best for you.

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