About us

Surendra Realtor is one of the best real estate companies in Gurugram. We have been serving Delhi NCR for a couple of years and have made good client base. Real Estate department always needs a boost because flats, apartments, floors, land etc will always be the necessity of people. Surendra Realtor located at a premier location in Gurugram. It deals in various kinds of services like Properties in Gurugram for sale or rent, dealing with commercial and residential properties, real estate projects etc.

The growth of real estate has been quite good in past of a couple of years. Gurugram is getting widened day by day. People seek for flats, apartments in this area. We value our customers and try to make them happy by the virtue of our dedicated service. We always tend to give updated designs at an affordable budget. With these efforts, Surendra Realtor is emerging as an unparalleled real estate company. We understand the need of customers to get clarified with even the smallest query they have.

Surendra Realtor : Best Real Estate Company in Gurugram

Gurugram has 3rd highest per capita income in India which attracts the job makers and job seekers to have land in Gurugram. This millennium city “Gurugram” is further on its way towards growth and development as an industrial and financial hub. Hence it is desirable for people to buy affordable flats and apartments in Gurugram. We work to make that thought come true with our property sale deals. Our company’s committed and swift-footed real estate agents always provide clients with trendy and updates designs at an affordable and negotiable price.

If you or your contacts are planning to buy or rent flats or properties in Gurugram, contact Surendra Realtor once. You will get the best deal out of it. Till the time we have got good associates who are working with us. Before buying any properties firstly make up your mind about budget, location etc then it will be better for you. Our team will show you the portfolio and you will be redirected towards the site location. We provide the best services to individuals, company, firms, organizations, corporate etc.

We have a highly experienced team who have good knowledge of real estates. After all, flats, apartment and buildings are not just a piece of land cemented with bricks, but a safe station to be at. With “home for sales” we also provide great locations in Gurugram. Our staff personally conducts, visits and chooses a pleasant place to build apartments and flats. In addition to that, we also customize apartments and flats according to our customers wish.

About the Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector is one such area which marks a global presence. In India, the real estate business has glorified over the years. At some points of time, it has also seen a slowdown period but it has somehow managed to bloom which makes it a promising business prospect. Today this sector has become one of the most sought after business opportunities in our country. The interest of people and their investments in the real estate sector is increasing as now they have become more aware of the potential earning through this sector.

The fact that the value of properties will not decrease and will probably only soar has made it as one of the safest bet for investment purpose than any other options available. We customize our services as per your demand and requirements. Customers are our first site then comes the property as the second site. We are always there for you.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Flats, Apartments, Land, Office etc to the one who needs it in Delhi NCR. With this mission, we have been working in the market for a couple of years and have successfully stood out as one of the best real estate company in Gurugram. With our esteemed efforts and dedication, our progress towards the mission qualitative. We are there to prioritize our customers before anything else. Our company works 7 days a week to make your experience of buying real estate easy and sound. We challenge ourselves each day to work better. We wish to expand Surendra Realtors to high prestige in terms of our work ethics, integrity and quality and profit to each individual associated with us.

Our Vision

Our main vision is to provide quality and trust among our clients. Customers trust us a lot and we must give them the best opportunities at an affordable rate. Once we make happy customers, our vision gets completed. To emerge as the first choice among customers for their need to buy flats, apartments and lands is what we look forward to. We work to provide quality and best opportunities at an affordable price to our customers.  Building trust and healthy work relationship is part of our vision. We conduct our work professionally and are here to break the myth of complicated real estate business prosaically.

Our Policy

Our policy is to keep confidentiality of information, data etc. We follow the standard policies of Surendra Realtor. The information collected by our team or website is used for providing the specified requirements only.

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